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The Golden Doors to Infinity

The Golden Doors to Infinity brings together the myriad artistic and historical pursuits of William Adair's career as an artist, gilder, frame-maker, and historian of craft arts, as well as his love of community and his belief in art's capacity to bring people together. 

The project’s premise is simple: Adair collects abandoned doors and repurposes them as “entryways” into landmark historical events. First, he covers them with gold leaf. He then installs them at landmarks and historic sites around the world to be written and marked upon by visitors and passersby. The messages left on the doors honor the shared cultural values inspired by each site, connected by the universally symbolic value of gold. Each door contains its history, its journey, and its story.

As the project has evolved over the last decade, many of the doors have taken on a memorial quality. In particular, Adair has embarked on a series of doors memorializing American military events. This series began in 2014 with The Normandy Door. On the 70th anniversary of D-Day (June 6, 2014), he carried a door to Normandy Beach, where visitors left their messages on its surface to celebrate and commemorate the hallowed occasion. In 2019, on the 75th anniversary, Adair returned to Normandy to install another door on Omaha Beach.

From the French Revolution to rock-n-roll, and from the Brandenburg Gates to the Mojave Desert, The Golden Doors to Infinity is a project that occupies a vast territory of time and space. It is a joyous and explosive amalgamation of all that Adair holds sacred and beautiful.

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